Create Task update #7

I have just overcome all of my obstacles in my code and I love it.  I even made it look all pretty with the different colors.  So now I have to screencast it and do the written part of the Create Task.

Create Task update #6

I am starting to do the written part of the create task and looking at the examples that are given on the class website.  For the most part, I am finished with the coding aspect of the project, but I still need to make it look nice and polished then fix all of the bugs that come from that.

create task update #5

I have been working a lot more on my code and made a breakthrough in it by getting most of the functions working within each other.  I also been researching a lot and have been learning how to make my code smarter and more efficient.  I want to get my change function to work by tonight and that would make me very close to done with the coding.

Create Update #4

I am a little stressed about this because I have not been as on top of it as I have wanted to be and I am getting confused with where to put certain parts of the coding.  For example, I need to put the number of mistakes made by the user in one of the functions that I made but I'm not sure which one.  I am going to try to get the guess to run through the options for letters of the word next which will get the whole code a lot closer to where I want it to be.

Create Task Update #3

I am still on the coding part of this project, and today I worked on getting my menu to be smarter in its commands.  By the end of the week, I want to have most of my menu set up and working.  I am a little confused because I need to make a function that takes the user's guess of a letter and have the code see if it's in the word or not, but I guess I'll have to look in the book for that, ask a friend or look it up.

Create Task Update #2

I have started to get the base of my program in place by just defining functions and trying to get everything organized.  I am struggling a little because I am not fully sure the extent of what I want my program to be able to do, and I am trying to remember how all of the parts of coding work.  But overall I think I am getting the hang of it again and will be powering through now.