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So far I have figured out my topic will be the Waze and how it takes users' input and uses it to find the best way from point a to point b.  I have taken down notes for 2c and 2d at this point and found some sources. 
Today I hope to answer all of my questions and get it into a good format.

Submarine Cables

Submarine Cables 12/2/19

1. Is it true that sharks biting the cables is a problem?
Yes, in the1980s, a deep-ocean fiber-optic cable was cut four times.

2. Cables can break just by wearing out - but what are some other things that cause them to break?
Yes, sharks and fish can break them by biting them, or from fishing vessels and ships dragging anchors account for two-thirds of all cable faults. Environmental factors like earthquakes also contribute to damage.

3. Who uses submarine cables?
Pretty much every country all over the world uses them and Antarctica is the only continent that the cables do not reach.

4. How thick is a cable?
Modern cables are typically about 1 inch in diameter for the deep-sea sections which make up most of the run, although larger and heavier cables are used for shallow-water sections near shore.

5. How does fiber-optic technology work with the cables?

Lasers on one end fire at extremely rapid rates down thin glass fibers to receptors at the other end of the cable. The…

IP Addresses and DNS

1. What is a protocol? A well-known set of rules and standards used to communicate between machines. 
2.What is an Internet Protocol (IP) address? A numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication. An IP address serves two main functions: host or network interface identification and location addressing.
3. How is it organized hierarchically? The earlier numbers are the networks and sub-networks of the device.  Then the device.  
4. How many bits are in an IPv4 address? 32
5. How many IPv4 addresses does that mean there are?   More than 4 billion unique addresses.
6. What is the difference between IPv6 and IPv4?   A longer IP address format.
7. Why do we need IPv6? Because the internet is becoming more and more popular than anyone ever imagined, so we are trying to account for that.
8. What is an IP packet? It encapsulates the data unit received from the above layer and adds to its own header information.
9. What is the differen…


Koan #3 talks about how even though the internet is rapidly expanding, we are losing important information that is stored on hard copies.  The example that was used in this case talked about doctors not having access to old patient's medical files since they are kept on hard paper, not online, which can cause dangers in the medical industry.  This also occurs when people go to the web to get an answer to a quick question they have.  Going to look in books for the right answer is no longer something that people think of doing.  Therefore we are losing valuable information due to the web.

Koan #4 talks about the rapid changes that are happening with computers throughout the decades.  Computors are getting faster and faster every year.  This can be a very good thing for us the consumers because this means that we can get faster produces that are less expensive.  It also means that companies can build products and get them out to the public at a very fast rate, like our next generatio…

10 breakthrough technologies

In my opinion, the "Predicting Preemies" is very interesting.  The article states that a pregnant woman could get their blood tested in a lab and predict if they were at risk of giving birth prematurely.  This could be possible by looking at the blood cells of the blood test and seeing a certain difference.  Since according to the article 1 in 10 babies are born prematurely this would be a huge discovery and help for many people.

Field Trip Pictures

First Building

This picture shows a machine that was on the USS Hope in 1973 and was used as an amateur transmitter, receiver, power supply.

This is a picture of an enigma machine, which was used to decode radio messages.  This was used a lot during WWII.

This picture shows posters that were most likely up and around during WWII.  These posters show propaganda by trying to get more women to join the war by being a radio communicator.

Second Building

This photo shows the progression of phones to cell phones.  Throughout the years', phones have gotten rapidly more advanced.  It is amazing that in this timeline, as the phones have gotten more complex, they have also gotten smaller.

This is a high tech drone that can be controlled by a remote wirelessly and also has a built-in camera that can transmit what it sees to a screen instantly.

This is a wireless tracker that is put onto sharks and other sea animals to gather input and data about the shark's life patterns.  It is waterproo…

Coding in the Wild

why did you choose this one?
I chose this one because I care strongly about the environment and keeping the Earth clean and healthy.

What does the writer explain about how computer science is used in their job? 
Computer science is used in their job by keeping track of their progress of picking up the litter through their "Rubbish" app.  They then use the data stored to make tables and statistics.   When doing this they can see what area needs the most help with litter and what kinds of trash is being picked up.

What kinds of things do they need to know and how did they learn them?
They need to know how to code their app to make it work the best and easiest.  They also need to know how to get the input from the users and connect the app to the maps.